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Originally Posted by BlkBullitt View Post
Well I was lucky enough to find a few boxes of 9mm this past weekend and got to take the 19 out for the first time. Put 100 rounds of FMJ though it and 15 rounds of Hornady XTP JHPs. No issues at all and aside from not being able to find ammo easily right now this gun is wonderful.

The only changes I've considered doing is swapping to the smooth G17 trigger and possibly changing over to the OEM Glock minus connector (not sure on that one yet).
Congrats on the new G19. I love mine- a great, soft shooting, easy to conceal gun. I definitely recommend swapping in a smooth G17 trigger, but personally don't like the idea of going with a minus connector on a carry gun (that's just me though). I've found a quick/light 25 cent trigger job is just enough to get the trigger to where I like it, without lightening it.

As far as defensive ammo, I'm currently carrying 147gr Federal HST, but I also have some 147gr Speer Gold Dot that functions great in my G19 too. I recently picked up some +P 147gr Federal HST rounds, but I don't like the fact that they actually penetrate a bit less than the regular 147gr rounds I already carry (didn't realize such until after I had placed my order). Anyway, as you can tell, I prefer the heavy-for-caliber bullets.

ETA: Forgot to add, my G19 is actually a Franken-Glock. It's a Austrian proof Gen2 G19 slide assembly mounted on my Gen3 G23 frame (with smooth trigger and 9mm trigger housing installed). It's been flawless so far.

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