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I understand that not everyone feels comfortable disassembling their Glock lowers, but the trigger safety mod is much easier accomplished with the trigger/triggerbar removed from the pistol.
This allows one to depress the safety from the opposite end, while working on the "offending" end of the safety, imho.
You can "intermittently" check your work this way by depressing the safety from the opposite end without your booger finger in the way. Again, mho. This is how I did mine anyhoo.
I did find, from past experience (this happened once), that by removing too much material at the "pivot point", that this can cause the safety to protrude out of the trigger to the front (spring forward). I might stay away from working that point too much when sanding/filing (or at least exercise some caution). Don't know if that makes sense.
I do have an old "serrated" trigger that I modded this way where the safety "sprang forward" by filing to much in the above mentioned area, I can add pics of this "boo boo" at request.
In any case, I like this mod. After all, after market triggers (many of them) correct this "oversight".
As far as "lawyers" are concerned, mod away, as long as you do not change (in any way) the intended operation of any safety on any pistol. Again, mho. Thanks.
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