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Originally Posted by airmotive View Post

Wifey and I were looking at getting into AKs. You know...trying something new and enjoying a new platform for our shooting hobby. But there's too many ammo "Gollums" sitting in their basements with ammo they have no intention of ever shooting..."My precious"....
No sense in buying rifles we can't get ammo for.
So... screw AKs.
Screw shooting for fun.
Screw shooting as a hobby.
Screw getting into new calibers or platforms.
Screw getting others into shooting...there's no ammo.
My co-worker asked me what would make a good first gun...I told him to get a BB gun or take up archery. Firearms are a waste of time if you can't get ammo to become proficient and stay proficient.

Back to your basements and stroke your ammo cans, Gollums.
You got what you want. Your 'precious'.

It wouldn't be so aggravating if people were shooting and getting others into shooting. But this "shortage" shows just how panicky gun people are...and shows just how accurate the Brady campaign's image of gun owners really is.

I can understand shortages of 5.56 and such, but save a few bolt-gun calibers your screwed. You can possibly buy stuff online, but your probably gonna have a hard time and you're probably not gonna get a good deal.

There are guys advocating free market, or saying it's just supply and demand etc.

For casual shooters, people looking to get into firearms, people as dirt broke as I am, people looking to buy firearms they don't already own ammo for, and people looking to practice without stockpiles at home, this really really sucks.

I see guys in here saying that people "should have prepared more", and I get that sentiment. I saw someone go as far as to call this "easily preventable butt hurt". I mean it as respectfully as possible, when I say I find that ignorant.

I filled out the paperwork for a permit to purchase a pistol the day I turned 21, which was just over a year ago.

I'm sure I'm not the only gun owner who hasn't had the years and years to slowly build a stockpile, buy buying a box or two at a time.

Fair market price? I saw a list on cheaperthandirt for 9mm over 60 dollars a box, for 50 rounds. It's "fair", sure, there's no law against that. And maybe ammo is so hard for even them to get, that if they didn't sell it that high they wouldn't make it to the next shipment.

But many people just cannot afford to buy ammo at those prices.

I'm not saying anybody needs to act sorry for those of us less fortunate, but I'm honestly kind of offended by calling it "easily preventable butthurt". It's not as easy for everybody as it is for you.

What about the person who just turned 18 and bought a rifle, or 21 and bought a handgun? Or the woman who's decided she wants a gun now?

Eventually either the demand will subside and supply will catch up, or companies will take advantage of the money to be made from the huge demand increase.

You don't have to say "somebody is doing something wrong" to realize this sucks for everybody.
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