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Originally Posted by Jade Falcon View Post
So I want a Ruger SR1911, but I'm not sure if, after I sell a gun off, I'll have the money for one. So, if not the Ruger, something in the $500 range. I'm thinking the Regent R100, but I am open to other brands within that price range. I'm assuming, at $500, it would be a mil-spec 1911.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: requirements are: "Series 70" safety, and the ability to feed hollowpoints. This gun would double as a plinking/range gun, and as a apartment-defense gun.
Within the price constraints you list, I would strongly suggest looking at a Rock Island Armory. This past Friday I saw several at the LGS for $419 plus tax. The tactical version was $459 plus tax. The tactical RIA in the LGS looked to be well worth the extra bit of money.
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