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Originally Posted by The Fist Of Goodness View Post
Maybe we are all being hoodwinked, but DHS could CONTRACT to purchase up to a quadrillion rounds of ammo at a given price, but if they only purchase 150 million (roughly 1500 rds per agent) , what is the problem?

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I am having a hard time following the logic trail involved.

IF this contract is public information, therefore not in "secret" and it is responsible for the shortage of a limited number of calibers, then where is the contract with ALL of the manufacturers that is causing a shortage of .22 rimfire?

To put it simply, if you can find a contract that is supposed to be responsible for the lack of .40 S&W show me the contract that is responsible for the shortage of .22 LR

How in the world could DHS possibly keep all the employees of the ammo companies and everyone the know silent on this scheme?

What is DHS doing with all the .32 auto ammo, the .38 special, the .257 Roberts, even the 30-30 that is scarce in some areas?
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