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Originally Posted by Nutt51 View Post
Midwayusa got me.

I ordered some Hornady bullets in December. At the time you could order quantities of 100, 500, or 1000. I called two of my shooting pards to see if they needed any as I was going to order some, they both said yes.
I placed and order for 2 units of 1000 bullets, they were taking backorders for the .224 55gr. bullets at the time.
About three weeks later, they sent me an e-mail saying they had implemented a 1000 bullet limit per customer. I replied to their e-mail telling them that the bullets were for three customers, and yes this is the true story, and both my friends order from Midwayusa frequently.
I soon received a reply telling me that due to the overwhelming amount of e-mails that they were not being responded to.
I then placed a backorder for the same bullets with Midsouth
Shooters Supply for 1000 of the same bullet, so I could supply the order to my friends.
It will cost me an extra $13.00 shipping charge, but it will cost Midway the bulk of my business in the future.
They use to be one of the top 2 internet companies I ordered from when needing gun related products, but now they are at the bottom.
I received a notification last Thursday that the bullets were on the way, I'll probably give these to my pards, and I'll wait on the others.
Back in January I put in an order to Midway for 1000 rounds of Aguila .22LR ammo. Got a confirmation on my order.

The next day I tried to increase my order to 2000 rounds but they said they had implemented a 500 round limit, apparently in the hours since my original order. I received the 1000 rounds I ordered.

Sometimes life works.

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