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What would you think if you had just survived a train wreck(were alive and could make a full recovery) and then the EMT walks up to you and says ,"hey, your supposed to be dead" and then proceeds to kill/murder you? Well then, what about a baby that survives a botched abortion(the baby is alive and well enough to make a recovery) and then the abortionist/mother say that the baby isn't supposed to be alive an proceed to kill/murder it(a newly born infant)?
IMHO, there are a lot of people/politicians in this country that care more about the treatment of animals than they do about the treatment of human life and are truly sick(mentally). Post-birth abortion is another lib name for murder(just like partial-birth abortion).
Video: Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion
11:36 AM, Mar 29, 2013 • By JOHN MCCORMACK

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