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.22 LR ammo probably has the slimest profit margin of all ammo sold.

Wouldn't expect to see any serious levels of .22 LR until center-fire
ammo is starting to be in stock regularly.

When you go from 1 shift 5 days a week to 3 shifts 7 days a week
labor doesn't just appear on the floor. Have to hire and train them.

You've also had a 400% increase in material, brass, copper, lead,
chemicals for powder. Does your upstream have the ability to fulfill
this as everyone else is pulling from the same upstream too? Add
demand, you add cost, all the way up the stream. Ammo
ain't gonna be no cheaper than it was before the train wreck.

It's a big system. A lot more complicated than there just isn't any

It'll be a long time until this eases to the point ammo is somewhat
available regularly. Now everyone is thinking the same thing, "I'm
stocking up so I never get caught short again". This isn't helping
matters either. Hope nobody has a neighbor sitting on 50K+ rounds
they've hoarded and their house catches fire. All that ammo probably
isn't stored anywhere near properly.

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