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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
The problem with your argument, is that my statement was not that was then, this is now,
You say that's not your argument, then you enlarge and elaborate on that same argument below. I think you're unclear on what you're arguing.

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
and your argument, is a gross oversimplification of what happened.
It would be a gross oversimplification to say I'm making an argument that Obama = Hitler. There are both striking similarities between the two men (in type of talent, lack of experience, ideological fervor, and technique), and also vast differences (in goals, personal history, racial preferences, and so on). History doesn't repeat, it merely rhymes.

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
We have a system in place that will not allow someone like a modern Hitler rise to power. That's the entire point of our checks and balances.
This is the most amusing part of your post, the amount of gullible faith you place in legislators to 'play by the rules.' One of Obama's great legacies is the amount of erosion he's caused to the American system, and how many ways he's found to ignore the law, to get around checks and balances. Now he's earnestly working toward creating an America with a single party (his, and perhaps yours), and a powerful, intrusive, controlling government.

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Your arguments, and statements to support your arguments, are not based in fact. They're emotionally charged distortion a of the truth, intended to conceive and support a fallacious argument.
That's an ironic comment, because that's precisely how I perceive your arguments: pure emotion.
From the " of the regulated, and the home of the entitled."
Obama is the symptom, not the cause.

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