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I've downloaded the app and played with it a bit. It looks like it will work great! But at this point, I have not yet shot a GSSF event. So a question:

Is this app meant to be used on-site at the event? Is there even time during an event to enter your results? Or is this app meant more as a long-term record-keeping app that you fill in after the event in the comfort of your home?

Also, a pie-in-the-sky request/suggestion: I use (as many here probably do) an app called "Gun Log" to keep track of my guns, ammo, practice sessions, etc. This app has a database of all the ammo I own. Would there be a way for this GSSF app to tie into the ammo database of Gun Log? That way, all my ammo is tracked in one place. I don't have to enter the brands/types/quantities in two places.

Just a thought!
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