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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
Do you suppose it's possible that to bring a product like say, fiber optic cable to market (enabling us to have this discussion over the 'net) a little extremism is perhaps necessary?

Do you think that a farmer gets his crop to market by being concerned with anything other than the wellbeing of he and his family?

If he can't depend on the free market to reward that self-interest, do you think you're going to be able to count on groceries being on the shelf at your local market when you need them?

What do you believe motivates people to make the sacrifices that result in the products you want and need being available if it isn't pure self-interest? I mean really, do you believe that the market cares at all about you personally?

Self-gain is what motivates people... no one is arguing otherwise. At what point did debating the ethics of scalping ammo become a... "Omg an attack on capitalism."

I mean it's a good way to get people on your side, don't get me wrong. Especially those who don't take the time to read the entire thread, and don't realize no one ever attacked free-enterprise or capitalism.
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