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To say that I love my G19 would be an understatement - I carried one overseas and we trained on them extensively.... to put it simply, I know it works, can be depended on, will run reliably WITHOUT fail and trust my life to it. It's big enough for "duty use", carried it in a tan blackhawk serpa or a safariland (forgot model number) if I wanted a light on it; yet also small enough for concealed/discreet carry. I've owned a number of glocks (bought/traded), and currently run a G19 and G26 (summer gun) - you WILL NOT be disappointed.... "you're gonna like the way you shoot, I guarantee it" LOL

My prefered carry loads are Winchester Ranger/PDX1 in 124+P or Gold Dots also in 124+P, I like bonded rounds. The Federal BPLE round, old one in 115 +P+ is cool too.... The weapon though is as accurate as you are, and I can shoot it and group with it as well as my Kimber(s), they're just awesome, not really much else you can say...
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