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Originally Posted by BlkBullitt View Post
After acquiring my CCW and finding my G22 hard to conceal (I'm 5'11" ~160lbs) I started looking at some other more concealable options that would still be fun to shoot at the range. While I like my G22, I found that the compact Glocks (G19/G23) seemed to be the perfect size.

Last week I put $20 down on either a G19 or G23 (whichever comes in first) at my LGS, yesterday they called, and as of last night I now am a proud owner of a brand new Gen III G19 along with an extra 15rd magazine.

This is my first gun I've purchased brand new and I'm looking forward to putting some rounds through it, but first I need to sell my G22, extra mags, and ammo.

Are there any recommended break-in procedures for new Glocks? Also, since this is my first 9mm, does anyone have any recommendations on defense ammo?
I just took a look at mine and used a bit of oil in the right places and went from there.

After much research, I settled on Speer Gold Dot 124 +P
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