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Originally Posted by PEC-Memphis View Post
I think you are consolidating two unrelated events. The was an incident where a worn holster caused an unintended discharge, seriously wounding a car seat, the guys pants and underwear. This was a vey close call.

Another case was where a mans wife was returning a movie, while he and their children were waiting in the car. He shot himself in the leg (or hip) while unbuckling his seatbelt ( or putzing around with his gun). He died of blood loss at the scene. (There are two slightly different reports of the event).
I stand corrected. It appears I rolled TWO ND incidents into one. Maybe that doubly proves my point. In both cases, gunowners were at fault for not exercising due care regarding their actions,either involving gun handling, or ensuring the condition of critical equipment. The key failures occurred between their ears.

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