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Originally Posted by SouthernBoyVA View Post
Yes, this is true. Aside from the fact that almost certainly, you are just never going to know when and from where an attack is going to come. It might be nice if there were such guarantees in life but there just aren't any that I know of.

And then there is the increased danger of handling one's firearm rather frequently as they go from "safe" places to not so safe locales. One would be removing the magazine and the chambered round, and then when they get to a not so safe place, chambering a round and then topping off the magazine with the prior extracted round. Lots of removing and inserting the gun in the holster with all of this. Heck, some scared citizen seeing someone do this might call the police and claiming brandishing or something of the sort.

Nope, not something wise to do. Best to stay either unchambered or chambered when out and about. So to our friends here on this thread who are adamant about going C3, I would suggest staying in that condition regardless of where you are. Since you are so concerned about safety, you must believe that the added handling or your sidearm increases the chance of a AD so don't do this. Nothing wrong with carrying C3 if that is your wont. But you would be wise to leave your gun in that state and not be shifting from C3 to C1 and back again as you migrate through your day and activities while out and about.
Yes, if we knew where the attack would happen, we could avoid that area and thereby avoid the attack. You would think you would be safe in your own home with multiple locks engaged...I found out several years ago that is not the case. I choose to carry C1 because I never know how much time I would have to chamber a round, if one arm is disabled and unable to be used to chamber the round, etc... I am always aware of my surroundings since the attack on me, but that doesn't mean I am always free from being attacked again. I will NOT be a victim again (God willing). I wish I had a gun then, but I was naive and didn't believe anything like that would ever happen to me. If I had been armed and trained as I am now, I wouldn't have to deal with parole hearings every 3 years.
This is ok, right? I'm not breaking any rules or making anyone mad at me for this comment, Right?

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