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Originally Posted by JohnnyE View Post
There was an episode within the last, oh, 18 months, where a man's worn leather holster caught the trigger while, IIRC, he was sitting or wiggling around in his car seat. Bullet entered this thigh, pierced a major artery, and he bled out. Not a finger, but a failure in that he should have retired that worn out holster long ago.

I think you are consolidating two unrelated events. The was an incident where a worn holster caused an unintended discharge, seriously wounding a car seat, the guys pants and underwear. This was a vey close call.

Another case was where a mans wife was returning a movie, while he and their children were waiting in the car. He shot himself in the leg (or hip) while unbuckling his seatbelt ( or putzing around with his gun). He died of blood loss at the scene. (There are two slightly different reports of the event).
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