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I think we can all agree that we don't like higher prices...who does?

But with that said, everything Certified Funds has said is spot on. The reason that you can not find ammo at the local Walmart, Academy, etc. is because they have it priced below market value currently. The fact that their shelves are bare prove this!

When demand is high (currently), and supply is low (currently), prices should rise. Everyone complains about Cheaper Than Dirt "gouging", but there is not a line outside of their store every morning at 6AM, waiting to buy up their ammo. They have it priced according to market and are not feeding the secondary market.

The fact that people are willing to stand outside a store in the cold for several hours before it opens to purchase .22lr illustrates that the pricing is too low for current market conditions. We are not talking the new tech gizmo or toy, where the initial demand dies after a few weeks....we are talking 100 year, or more, old technology.

I haven't paid more for ammo during this shortage as I have had some from previous purchases, but I would rather know that I can run down to CTD and buy a brick of .22lr for $50 and be able to go to the range, than go to 4 Walmarts and see an empty shelf with a $18 price tag on it.
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