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Originally Posted by DFin View Post
What model/caliber is it?
In that pic he's an SFARTAETC Instructor, they use Glock 19's - students who graduate the course normally end up assigned to their Group's designated CIF where they also issue Glock 19's (some also have a small number of 1911's, not as popuplar a weapon as internet lore would have you believe, just not as reliable a weapon). A lot of the teams (SF) have Glock 19's and 26's, you don't see too many G17's in use. As is known there are other elements in USASOC that also use Glocks, one in specific that previously issued 1911's but now issues Glocks as primary sidearm in various calibers. You can PM if you have any other Q's - have a good week!

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