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Originally Posted by larry_minn View Post
LOOSE definition???? IF you want to buy guns to resell you MUST have a FFL, bound book.....
The post you commented on. Poster said "I did buy for SOLE purpose of resale" This person is subject to arrest/conviction/never being able to legally TOUCH a gun or ammo.
Now IF I went to Wally World (or other place) Bought a gun, then decided later I didn't care for it. IF I THEN decide to sell it (my understanding is that legal) BUT IF I buy it with intent to resell/I do NOT have a FFL.. Thats a criminal act.
How much time has to elapse from purchase to resale?

Say I buy a limited production firearm years ago with the intent to sell at a higher price today - criminal act?

Say I bought two identical firearms, one to shoot and one to resell at a later date - criminal act.

Say I bought a crate of mosins to cherry pick the ones I want and sell the rest - criminal act?

Say I bought a milsurp collection, not to keep but to resell piecemeal- criminal act?
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