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Originally Posted by 427 View Post
What's wrong with that? Get there earlier. It sucks when someone beats me at my own game - but oh well...

How is that different if a store has another commodity that sells out quickly like cabbage patch dolls, elmo, and all the other stuff that suddenly has demand overnight? For example, I flipped playstations when they first came out and everybody had to have one.

Don't prices fluctuate with supply and demand - perceived or real?

No one said you were.

Try another walmart? Buy online?

OP, please understand, I'm not picking on you.

It seems that some gun owners are socialists when they want to buy and capitalists when they want to sell.

Any anybody who raises their prices is gouging - taking advantage. I have yet to figure out at what point stockpiling becomes hoarding. I'm still uncertain how a "fair" price is determined. Did I miss any of the catch phrases of the current crisis?

I think it's interesting how some people view firearms some how different than other things that are bought and sold.

You really don't see what's wrong with what you're doing? It's unethical, and quite honestly something a scumbag would do.

You're not a scumbag are you?
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