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Originally Posted by BamaTrooper View Post
This loose definintion of straw purchase is going to be as divisive amongst gun owners as the hunters vs black rifle owners debate.

He bought it to immediately sell it for profit. Unless there is a threshold to cross from private seller to gun dealer, he is still selling things legally. If he was approached by someone that could not own the gun and bought it for the sole purpose of giving it to a prohibited person, THAT is a straw purchase.
Otherwise, buying that set of singleshots to modify into camping guns given away as gifts makes a lot of people "straw purchasers".
LOOSE definition???? IF you want to buy guns to resell you MUST have a FFL, bound book.....
The post you commented on. Poster said "I did buy for SOLE purpose of resale" This person is subject to arrest/conviction/never being able to legally TOUCH a gun or ammo.
Now IF I went to Wally World (or other place) Bought a gun, then decided later I didn't care for it. IF I THEN decide to sell it (my understanding is that legal) BUT IF I buy it with intent to resell/I do NOT have a FFL.. Thats a criminal act.
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