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Originally Posted by RCP View Post
I don't know. All I do know is that he's obviously lying on the 4473s when he states he's buying the firearm for himself. He was banned from all the local gun trading groups shortly after making those statements.
He did buy them for himself...then he sold them. If someone can prove that an arrangement was made to buy a gun for someone prohibited from owning one, then we have a problem and his statements were lies.

Let's use two examples:
1- Your brother-in-law, legally able to buy a gun, but unable to locate one because he is out of the country, tells you, "If you find a _____, pick it up and I will buy it from you." You find _____, buy it and sell it tohim when he gets back in country. Do you think this is a straw purchase?
2- Your brother-in-law, convicted of domestic violence and prohibited by law from possessing a gun, approaches you and says, "I want to start hunting but the local shop turned me down when I tried to buy a gun. If you buy me that _____, I'll give you back your money." You agree, buy the gun and give it to him.

Which is a straw purchase?
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