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Why are firearms and their accessories some how different than other commodities? I mean, people buy things to resell all the time with other things? Buy low, sell high - that capitalism thing...

Yes, I'm "that guy" who buys and resells for profit and it's not just firearm related stuff.

No it doesn't take large amounts of money at one time to stockpile ammo a box or two stashed away every week is all it takes.
I've literally seen stores have people who come in and 'buy all the stuff' to the point where there is absolutely nothing left for the guy standing behind him.

I'd say that's different than just reselling, because everyone else who comes to the store that week for a box or two of ammo to go plinking is outta luck.

I don't think it could be compared to say, oil commodities, stocks, precious metals and the like.

I'm not a communist, and I'm all for your right to make a profit

In a perfect world, there'd be enough bullets for everyone to buy as much as they please, but it seems like that just won't be the case for awhile. It blows my mind for awhile.

I literally had a walmart employee tell me "they can't get any". I asked what he meant, he said they've been trying for weeks with zero progress whatsoever.
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