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Gun ammo "hoarders"

I heard a clerk at a gun counter explaining to a very grumpy customer why he couldn't sell him more than a few boxes of ammo.

He explained to him, they had "some people", and it's always the same people, who come into the store and will literally buy every single round they have, within what seems like minutes of them getting it, and they're getting a crapload of complaints from people wondering why they never have any. They're doing the same thing with magazines, and to a lesser extent, rifles themselves.

I've heard anecdotal evidence of "hoarders" being the problem before, but not from an employee at a major gun store.

What are your thoughts on this guys?

If you have money to spend on ammo, congratulations, but I'll admit to being 'socialist' enough to think it kinda sucks when nobody but the first person in line has a chance to even go plinking at the range.

And apparently people are buying ammo from places like Walmart and immediately selling it at a heavy mark up? I just saw a video saying the "ammo shortage is an illusion" because people are doing just that.

In before "people should have prepared". Not everyone has hundreds, or thousands to spend on ammo stockpiles in case demand suddenly skyrockets. I'd love to keep this thread civil, I've seen a lot of grumpiness in the lounge lately...
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