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I have an light oil film in my striker channel, extractor, and in all the little channels in the slide. Probably not necessary, but I can't help it. I just have to pull out my q-tips with some CLP on it. Never had any problems in doing so. It depends how often you detail clean your slide. If you never or rarely detail strip it, then I would run those areas dry. If you like to detail strip your slide often like me then it's okay to apply an light oil film. Brass shavings, carbon, and other crap gets and stays in there anyway, most of it doesn't just blow out on the other end, even if you run those areas dry.

All my brand new Glocks which I have bought in recent years had some black oil and small bits of metal in the striker channel. If a dry striker channel is really that important, then I am sure Glock would completely dry those areas before the guns leave the factory.

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