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Originally Posted by camario View Post
You can create a separate User for your son and then when you enter the placements use his placement in the Youth category.

I could add a Category field to the User Setup but I'm not sure what you would do with that data after that. Could you further explain your thoughts there?

My thoughts were to add a new field on the class screen that would show category placement. shooter enters an abreviation for their category maybe JM=Junior Male, JF=Junior Female, SS=Super Senior, etc. and then there placement (5 out of 25) or whatever. (I know that the shooter would have to determine on their own how many shot in their category, but this is easy enough from the results.

Once this is complete it would show on the class detail screen as a new column next to Placement as maybe category placement. Something so these shooters can see how they stack up within their category as well as overall.
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