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Originally Posted by CourtCop View Post
The current US obesity rate is 35.7%. Do you really want more than 1/3 of the country unemployed and sucking on the the government tit?

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Yeah, only because they RE-defined obesity a decade ago.

Originally Posted by SCHADENFREUDE View Post
I see the disability roles swelling soon. My question is this. Are those fat people doing their job? Do you want to send them home to sit on their couch and collect a check that we all pay for? Or do you want them to get up and go to work and help pay for all the able body people sitting at home already?

I think both sides of the political spectrum need to get out of people's life's. If any person uses more health care than some guy in an office says is the usual than they should pay more for it. That would be if you are fat, cancerous, kidney disease, etc. If you are fat and use no insurance you are costing no one anything. If your fatness starts to eat away at you then you have to pay for it. That would be personal accountability.

I thought Obamacare was going to be similar to RomneyCare where your health ins. is ONLY based on age. So a company doing this isn't going to save any $. I guess I'm wrong on that one.

In MA, this is fruitless. If I have an average age of 35 in my company and everyone is a marathon runner, I pay the same as the company next door, same # of people, also average age of 35 and all are severe Type-1 diabetics.

It's interesting to see what Obamacare mandates AREN'T going to be instituted here because we are already crazier than that. LOL
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