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Originally Posted by Revvv View Post
I'm pretty sure some of, if not all of, what is being requested is an invasion of my privacy. My cholesterol, BP, bmi, etc is my business. My wife can't even get this info from my doctor unless I approve.

Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
It's not an invasion of your privacy if you agree to the terms. If you don't, look elsewhere for a job. ..


Originally Posted by Revvv View Post
Are there jobs that should have a health code? Absolutely. Law Enforcement is a prime example. There are physical requirements the job entails daily. Same as our military, physical fitness matters for survival and the protection of others on the team.
Or if I am an employer (and I am not) and I feel that healthy, energetic people are in my best interests, then those are the employees I'll seek out.

Sure, we are all human and we all have health problems in one way or another..

It's in an employer's interest though to seek and retain people who take an active and sensible role in maintaining their health.
That is a valid qualification for a job as much as is someone who pursues continuing education, for example.

If you have a position that requires an employee to keep up with the latest technology, then you want employees who have the personal motivation and desire to educate themselves on an ongoing basis. You're more interested in such a person than you are in someone who took one 4-year degree 15 years ago and does nothing more beyond that.

In the same way, why should I as an employer not focus on people who take responsibility for seeking and maintaining their own health and well-being? Those are the people who will have the most to contribute to my business. They have in that way further demonstrated their discipline and personal motivation, and they are the employees who are most likely to have fewer sick days and more days when they are at their most productive.
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