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Originally Posted by M2 Carbine View Post
If they are going to insist in getting into your private life then go all the way.
Fire an employee that uses a cell phone while driving.

Definitely fire dopers.

Fire employees that don't eat enough fresh fruit.

Fire employees that drive too old a (unsafe) car.

Fire an employee that doesn't get enough sleep.

Of course fire everyone when they reach the age of 50.

Fire any woman with big boobs and a nice butt. She is a distraction that may get someone hurt while looking at her.

No, I'm really tired of people, government, work, whatever getting into peoples private lives.

As a pilot it was my responsibility to maintain decent enough health to fly but I think such as that is the limit.
Just to play devil's advocate:

If you work for a private company, do they not have a say in various aspects of their employees' lifestyle? For example, if you want to come to my house and I ask you to leave your gun at home, I would expect you to comply.

What about dopers? Something tells me that delivery companies probably don't want their employees chasing a rainbow-farting dragon down the middle of a crowded sidewalk in the company vehicle.

What about obese people? Insuring them costs the company and the rest of the employees more money. Barring the rare case of an actual medical reason, isn't it appropriate to have them shoulder some of the burden for their healthcare? Why should I have to pay more for my healthcare coverage when I hardly ever use it? The same applies to smokers.

My point is, nobody is dictating to any private company how they should manage their employees. If a business wants to promote wellness (and their bottom line), it is their choice on how they do it. And it is your choice to work there or work elsewhere.

Want to set your own rules, start your own business and manage your employees as you see fit.

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