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Originally Posted by PettyOfficer View Post
In 2 years, I could see an app for RSOs that would.............................[/URL]
All proposed before (by me and others), and tried before apparently to some degree. One reason invoked for why it won't (or didn't) work... TRAINING on how to use the scanners/equipment. Let's face it - many, many GSSF ROs have no idea how to properly use the timers or even change the sensitivity setting on them - a basic task for an effective RO. GSSF (in case you haven't noticed) is not big on training of any kind - and even less "big" at accepting outside help to accomplish that training. Same for an e-commerce sight for registration; been proposed and proof-of-concept developed for Glock/GSSF by one of our GSSF members/shooters. Not accepted!

It's a brick wall out there. I wish it wasn't, but it is! Believe me, 10-20 years is optimistic unless something happens with middle or upper management and Glock dumps more $$$ into GSSF.
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