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Originally Posted by Justin1911 View Post
Just think in 10-20 years this is how scoring at the match will be done
In 2 years, I could see an app for RSOs that would scan a competitors bar code for automatic squadding purposes. First scan to get on the FIFO list, 2nd scan to get squadded up next.

Then the RSO who's scoring could enter the numbers and take a photo of each target and the shooter can scan their barcode as signature confirmation.

Using something like this, I could see GSSF officials having scores tallied throughout the day, and formally posted in record times... If not same day real time leader boards and all that fun stuff.

Many ranges are very remote, so data collection can't rely on a cellular signal, but perhaps a mobile wifi hotspot with a master application running that would query all the different shooting bay's tablets and download all the stats and photos. Something the GSSF officials would carry around and could regularly pull the data.

It would only slow down the scoring of the targets by a few seconds each.

Perhaps the RSOs could record video of the COF and software could imbed a clock for timing purposes... Of course microphone sensitivities might be a difficult issue with some shooting bays so close together.

Perhaps the video is just a backup or a pleasant feature for shooters to download at a later time.

Lots of ideas. I'm a software developer, I just have zero app dev experience... Something like that would take a small team working on the different components.

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