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Originally Posted by Landmonster View Post
  1. Cutting my own grass ($400 lawn mower, $200 weed eater)
  2. Cutting my own hair ($30 buzzer)
  3. Changing my own oil in my car.
  4. Using $3 Car Wash place with free vacuums, instead of full service places.
  5. Using free plastic grocery bags for my cat's poop. (free)
  6. Using Purina Layena chicken feed for cat litter. (like $20 for 4 months+)
  7. Home cooking food instead of eating out.
  8. Eating bagged beans/veggies instead of canned.
  9. Using a water filter instead of buying bottled water.
  10. Buying non-spoilable household goods in bulk when on sale.
  11. Choosing store brands over name brands.
  12. Choosing CFL light bulbs over incandescent bulbs for the house.
  13. Not running home or car A/C more than necessary. Use fans instead.
  14. Not leaving unnecessary lights on, or leaving water running more than needed.
  15. Driving the car gently, no speeding or hard accelerating. (saves gas).
  16. Paying for insurance in 6-month blocks
  17. Paying for cars and purchases in cash to avoid interest payments.
  18. Recycling my plastic and glass bottles in order to avoid wasting (using) my trash bags.
  19. Buying high-efficiency toilets and household appliances.
  20. Avoiding cable TV, and instead using free HDTV air-wave signals + Redbox Bluray movie rentals.
  21. Avoiding wasteful spending habits: Smoking, booze, drug use, eating-out, gambling, fast food, etc. (Huge $$$$ savings)
  22. Never using vending machines or convenience stores. Always shopping at low-cost bulk retailers.
  23. Never consuming soft drinks, junk foods, or pre-packaged convenience foods. Always choosing raw/bland/bulk foods and ingredients for health and cost savings.

I basically operate exactly the opposite of our wasteful government.

A lot of these above are excellent. I would also submit that the #1 saving opportunity for people who have investments is actually go to battle against investment fees and structure your portfolio in a way that is highly tax efficient. If you are retired and have a 401K know how much expense you are paying. Chances are you can roll it over to a company such as VanGuard or other provider and save thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars per year depending on your portfolio.

Also, if you have both taxable and tax deferred savings if you structure your portfolio to be tax efficient by keeping you tax inefficient assets in your tax deferred accounts and highly tax efficient index stock funds in your taxable account your savings on taxes can be tremendous as well.
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