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Hello JT, someone mentioned they were loading a 180 grain but I don't remember any load data being discussed.

Gun-adian did some 147 gr with Blue Dot
Hornady 147 gr. JHP-XTP.
CCI #300 primers
5 shot strings

8.5 gr. Blue Dot
1) 1197 fps
2) 1124 fps
3) 1178 fps
4) 1201 fps
5) 1192 fps

9 gr. Blue Dot
1) 1304 fps
2) 1270 fps
3) 1267 fps
4) 1297 fps
5) 1299 fps

While I think it is possible, velocity wise I think the velocity may be a little too low for bullet performance. (fearing the Deep Curl were more for 357 carbine and 35Rem rifle)

Bullet length will be long and seated depths occupying case capacity. I have shot 38Spl using cast and gas checked RCBS 180 gr Silhouette bullets using 8.0 grains of Blue Dot so I don't thing that would be a bad starting point.

Powders like 296/H110 may provide more push with less pressures.

Good luck! I'll be looking to see how you do.
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