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Originally Posted by tucojuanramirez View Post
ok, no lube...
I've read many threads about extractor's issue on G19gen4...
Since I clean the extractor (first time in my G19gen4 life) I've got two FTF, and so I supposed that I clean too much the extractor and where it's sitted, also the factory grease I thought. Thank you. - Paolo
NOT an extractor issue. More than likely it's either a weak ammo or limp-wristing error on your part. Dry the extractor and internal slide channels. Use something like Q-Tips in order to get the job done right. Then lube your Glock according to the Owner's Manual. Be sure to get the slide rails and tracks.

If your recoil spring is weak, then change the RSA (recoil spring assembly). Do a standard operation check, per the Owner's Manual, and make sure your striker (FP) safety and striker move freely, too.

More than likely it's either weak ammo or YOU! (So, tighten up your gun hand wrist, and pull down more on the frame with your support hand and arm.
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