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Originally Posted by banger View Post
It seems that some have missed the core question in this issue...

It is not that someone in the vicinity of 35 is not able to successfully complete a Police Academy.

It is the idea that many agencies have a requirement to complete 25 years of service to be eligible to retire.

Ask you really want a 60 plus year old responding to emergency calls?

Especially in smaller department, where many calls are handles single "O".

After 25 years, anyone should be able to move to a non patrol position (if they want) even if it means moving agencies.

The hardest part about becoming a cop is the first badge. Doors start to open up a little easier after that for most.

...and as I look around, I see plenty of people, no matter what their age or rank is, who cant wait to get out. I also see plenty of people who will die of old age in a patrol car or working a detail...they will never leave if they dont have to.

There are some shocking relics still strapping it on every day (or Reserving) and I find that I tend to like these people. I have met a number of antique cops I might not get along with real well but I have yet to meet one I dont like.
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