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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
I have 3000 of the rem .357sig frangible bullets that I got a very good deal on a while back. The bullet profile is not ideal for .357sig even though they say they are for .357sig. Thus they are succeptable to setback, however for range use they are fine. Remington only really makes one bullet suitable for the .357sig and that is in their golden sabre bonded round.

Bought some towards the end of last year at $31.95 per 50.

Ammotogo had upped their price LONG before the Sandy Hook deal. GSB, HST was $40 per 50 for quite some time now.

The .357sig is a round that should be reloaded because it right at the cost of reloading 9mm.
That's right - reload to save a lot of waiting time and money.
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