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I carry an XDs mainly because of the concealability. I have to wear a lot of suits/slacks and for pocket carry it is perfect. I can slip it in my pocket with a nemesis holster and it melts away or looks like I have a big wallet. I used to carry a P238 for this same reason. I am not a huge fan of IWB holsters for daily carry because of my attire and with as much as I have to move around it seems that my shirt always come up where my pistol is. Plus the added step of clearing the shirt then drawing the pistol is something I am still working on and am not comfortable with it.

For the weekends I carry IWB/OWB with either my Glock 23 or M&Pc because I can wear my shirt untucked or a cover jacket. If I wasn't constrained by workwear I would not carry anything smaller in proportion than the 19/23. That's about the perfect carry/self defense size.

So you really have to decide why you want this gun. I wouldn't recommend either except for deep conceal.

Don't get me wrong the XDs shoots like a champ and a 230 grain bullet is nice to have in case of emergency and when I was looking the XDs was just better for concealing IMHO. Above all just remember to get a pistol you are comfortable carrying all the time.
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