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Originally Posted by Marine123 View Post
Like the title says a Rottweiler puppy showed up at my doorstep full of fleas, ticks, and all the other bad stuff you could think of. I started to feed the poor guy and took him to the Vet got him de wormed an Vaccinated. I have asked around the neighborhood about a lost puppy and posted on CL about him and no takers. It has already been 2 week and I am attached to the little guy. Is it right to keep him or keep looking for the owner?

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I think you've already done more than your standard civic duty of looking for the owner.

Given the fact it showed up infested with parasites - IF someone owned that dog - they didn't deserve to.

You sound like that dog couldn't have possibly found it's way to a better home. Do it and yourself a favor - don't mess up a great thing... for you both.
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