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I was amazed to see 550 bricks of .22lr at the Walmart last week, copper clad Winchester, $23 a box, 3 box max. They're all gone now.

The Walmart allowed purchase of up to three boxes so that's what I got. They had about ten boxes left on the shelf after I left. The W man said they were the first .22's he's seen since Christmas. He said they also had 9mm in earlier but they were already sold out. I thought that was a great sign and ammo is coming back, but I went back the next day and the shelf was bare, as was the shelves of a couple of other W's I've looked at in different cities since then, and I see that .22's are still selling for extortionate prices elsewhere and likewise 9mm etc. Walmart does beat everybody in selling ammo cheaply and not price gouging when it is available.
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