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Originally Posted by Fear Night View Post
I placed an order with Montana Gold back in the last week of January. 1000 9mm 147gr CMJ and 1000 .45 230gr JHP. Everything on their website indicated both products were in stock. I received my confirmation email that everything was good.

I just received what I assumed to be my full order. Sure did feel light, I thought. Turns out the only item in my box were the 9mms, and included was a hand written note. "230gr JHP out of stock. Try ordering again later."

So you wait until almost 2 full months after I placed my order to let me know my item is out of stock? And you don't even put me in a backorder line so my order can eventually get filled? And you're so back logged with orders that your website had to be pulled down, and will remain down for how many more weeks/months?

Thank goodness I just got an order of 230gr .45s from PD. Sorry for the rant, just felt like sharing my experience from the panic buying insanity. Carry on.
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