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Fun .22 guns

I have 1000 .22lr rounds freshly purchased. I have 6 months of membership for me and my girl to our local indoor range. I'm loving my g23 and would like my girl to come to the range with me. She came once and shot my g23 for 3 total shots with several dry fires while I educated her. But, she did not like the recoil and sound. Basically she was a little intimidated.

To interest her with shooting and also have a .22 for practice for me, I am thinking of getting a .22 pistol to serve both purposes for $400 or less. She likes revolvers similar to "cowboy guns" and I like .22 replicas of larger calibers guns and also MKIII's. And by like...I have not shot a .22 in years and am speaking basically from looks alone and also she doesn't shoot and is also talking about looks and not function.

So for +/- $400 what are some .22 pistols that fit this bill?
Also the .22 AR-15 replicas are cool too. Anyone have one?

Feel free to reply and post PICS!!!

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