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Originally Posted by Zombie Steve View Post
When I was in Kalispell last year, I looked up the address and it was only 6 blocks away. I went there and they had a sign on the door the size of a 3X5 card saying "Montana Gold Bullets". Right below that was a sign roughly 12X18 saying "No Walk Ins". I was ready to lay down some cash too. They could charge the same and not have to deal with shipping if one person could break away for 5 minutes and sell to someone over the counter.

Problem is the walk ins never stop. You stop to help one guy and two more come in, before you know it it's hours are lost then the guys on Glock Talk are posting how the order didn't ship for 7 weeks. Of course you could just hire some one and set up some retail outlet in the building ans staff it incase you get thre or four walk in customers, but then the days they don't walk in you need to pay the employee even when it's slow. So we raise the price per thousand and then guys on plain about us gouging the customer. I don't know if you can win here as a business owner.
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