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Originally Posted by silverfd View Post
watch out for those horses. I once had to reconstruct a dog's jaw after it was broken by a horse which kicked it.
That's good advice!

Here in horse country, it's no secret that horses can be very dangerous. As gentle as these are, it's best not to forget it since something startling them can get you kicked or run over.

I was lucky to enough to get kicked, bitten and run over all before my 21st birthday. I was indestructible then. I learned my lesson and none of those things have happened since. I'm sure those things would land me in the emergency room at my current age.

My wife still rides nearly every day. I got to take her to the ER on a Valentine's day a couple of years ago. She got dumped on the ground and the mare stepped on her arm.

Another time she got a leg stepped on and had to have surgery. She also had to have surgery when a horse spooked while her hand was in the bridle. It severed a tendon.

The dogs have been far luckier! Or maybe they're just smarter.

My wife ordered an invisible fence the same day Nigel dug under the real fence a second time. He's going to get a few shocks learning not to do that. That stings but it's a lot less painful than getting kicked.

I'm not looking forward to it, but next week I'll be digging 1000 foot trench for the wire. Fortunately for me, it only needs to be a few inches deep.

Normally the dogs aren't able to get in with the horses. They have a few times, basically because my wife moved HER horses into the dog's yard without telling me. The dogs have enough sense not to get aggressive.
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