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I wonder

I made an order just before they took the website down, and I got it a week or more ago. I didnt mind the wait and am quite satisfied.
However, how can they possibly not be caught up with shipping what was ordered before taking the website down. It has been right at 7 weeks since the website went down with the same message that it will be 3 more weeks.
They have done a very poor job of communicating to their customers what the heck is going on and when to expect to be selling bullets again.
I can understand that they may have been concentrating on making bullets nonstop since Feb.1, but to shut out everyone is just strange.
It is not just MGB, but all(excepting only a few) reloading related businesses have just dropped the ball on on customer service. Sure I understand that stuff is not in stock regularly, but why make people wait 2 to 4+ months for stuff that was listed as in stock. Put the stuff in a box and get going. Work overtime. Hire temps. But fill your end of the deal!
Keep in mind that I am not really complaining, but more venting. I will have to give them a pass for not satisfying every possible thing.
I will be buying MGB bullets again. Hopefully very soon. I want to be the first to order a case of .223 fmjs. Hopefully they won't jack up the prices.
I wish them the best as I am sure they have worked harder over the last 3 months than since they started the company. If they cant make it in this market, they wont be able to make it at all.
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