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Originally Posted by gators View Post
I don't know why but just never had an interest in Glocks in the past. A few weeks ago I spoke with a friend who started telling me about them in detail.

Well, I bought one that week and a week later I have 3 Glocks.

I am really intrigued with this platform and I came here to learn more.

I hope I can be an asset to this forum.
I was in exactly the same boat about 6 weeks ago when I purchased my first Glock, a 23. I liked shooting it but it did take me sometime to get accustomed to the trigger. 2 weeks later I added a 17. Thus far I have added night sights to both and a 3.5 pound trigger kit to the 17. Have not got to shoot it with the kit yet but was disappointed. Prior to installation of the kit the pull was 7 pounds and adding the kit only dropped it to 6. The reset is much better. I have been considering a 26 or 27 as well but have not pulled the trigger on it yet. Right now my eye is on an H&K UPS in 40...
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