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Walther makes the Colts!!! I have a 1911-22 colt rail gun and ended up getting it when I went to get a GSG. The colt was just all around a better built gun in my eyes. I shoot with people that have the GSG's and Sigs (same gun). They all love my colt and wish they would have got one of them instead. Its 40-90 more depend on model choices but it has many parts which are built better and the biggest one being the sights. The GSG's have junk plastic sights and the front one in the display case was broke off and the dealer, also I like the 12 rnd mag with the colt.
Dont get me wrong all 3 of these 1911-22's are good guns I just dont want this informing people wrong saying that the colts are basically constructed like a pellet gun...
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