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Originally Posted by Rev. ChadW View Post
Hope you guys can help me out. I'm thirty-six years old and I am looking to make a career change. I was a criminal justice major in college, however I got married half way through and had to start working in my family's car dealership, that was fifteen years ago. My question is am I past the age to be able to finish up my degree in a couple of years and enter law enforcement? Or has Father Time passed by?
I worked with a guy who went through the academy in his 60's, twice. He passed both times, but the department dropped out of the training program after the first time (training was not mandatory when I was a cop) and then had to send everybody through a second time when they went back into it.

The first state police academy class I taught in, in 2005, had a guy who was 42 and ended up being class valedictorian - he's a sergeant now, which is very quick for KSP. The next class had a guy about that age who had already retired from the Army as a first sergeant.

I was only 22 when I went to the police academy, but I was honor graduate of my drill sergeant school class, which is MUCH more physical, at 42.

It's all about you, not age.
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