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Glock Grip Reduction

I recently sent my G23 off to Glock for a frame swap because of mods that I did that I regretted. Among the mods was a grip reduction (which I didn't regret). Because I loved the grip on my G23 (post GR), I am seriously considering a GR on the new lower. My dilemma is that I do not want to fill the back-strap with epoxy, or employ the "candle method"... what then is left, as far as GR options? Part of me wants to leave the lower as-is, completely untouched.. but the other part of me knows that the GR on my old lower was absolutely perfect, and felt so much better than the stock grip.. any idea's that I've not heard of? Please, no comments on how stupid it is to modify a stock Glock lower.. I am only interested in "innovative" idea's concerning Glock GR's that I may not have considered/heard of. Thanks.
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