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if you want german culture you need to get closer to fredricksburg and new braunsfels.

and don't worry about your height, i am 5'10 and i can part the brown seas like moses with a good scowl most times. besides, if you're some giant white boy you might scare off the mamasitas and that is most definitely not something you want to do. trust me! them girls will straight up put a hurt on you in a good way both in bed and in the kitchen.

regardless of all that, once you get down here take a weekend and go toobin down the comal or the gaudalupe river. again, trust me.

if you get the chance avoid any major roads and take back ways just for the scenery.

don't be afraid to stop and eat at roadside food stands that look worse than most places you'd walk your dog, that's where the best food is, especially bbq.
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