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Thanks Rabbi!

What an insight.

The gang stuff kinda scares me. Never been around any real gang action. I wouldn't expect to cross paths though.. I try to spend as little time as possible in cities. Goliad was the town where one of my applications went.

I was happy to hear there weren't any huge sports teams. Never got sports. "... high school football"...

Getting used to AC is gonna be rough. I've lived with AC only one summer my whole life! I guess not paying a heating bill would help offset the cost.

Good fishing inshore is more than enough to make me happy. Seems just about anywhere in the GOM you gotta go ~10miles out to get blue water. It's no florida keys, but spearing out on the AL,LA,MS rigs is what all the "spearos" talk about.

Being white, I've felt like a minority lately, so that won't be to hard to get used to. but actually, I guess it might feel funny at first to honestly be a minority.

The slow living will be tough.. I'm used to keeping moving. I'm told by other northerners to slow down and relax often. ..although I could get used to taking a daily siesta. Is it that slow??

I hate traffic, but I think dealing with Pittsburgh, DC, Houston(relatives said it was bad, It seemed ok to me?), Italy, has shown me what it can be.

I think I have a feel for military towns.. I've spent time in VA beach, and its crawling with navy. They kinda roam the place like gangs.

Our rednecks pale in comparison to the rednecks I saw in Houston! ( well Brenham). Trucks are twice as big and high. I did notice how proud/almost arrogant they were!
I can't really blame them all.. my whole life Ive heard you have to be educated to make money, and that a simple college degree will launch one into financial success..meanwhile there are high school dropouts working on the pipelines making double,triple,..what my professors made.

I am 6' though. Being a giant would be fun.

You have me laughing at the fat comments! As much as I hope to find a nice southern woman, my general rule is she can't be bigger than me!

I have to say water rationing is one thing that just really bothers me. The idea anyway, never experienced it. Don't know if it's the little prepper inside of me wanting to have a readily available source of water or what, lol. I guess I just like to stay hydrated.
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